A Visit to the London Cat Village

Cat Cafe (11)

Photos via Writing Suzanne

Recently I had the pleasure of brightening up a rainy day by visiting the London Cat Village in East London, with my University friend Abi.

At only £5 per hour, you can spend time in the company of the cats as they play, eat and sleep. Additionally, you can purchase food and drink for your time in the café, whilst feeling relaxed as you stroke the cats, and watch as they move between the two rooms available.

For an experience which you are unlikely to have often, this is certainly an enjoyable way to eat out in London, and one which I highly recommend.

Cat Cafe (3)

Cat Cafe (4)

Cat Cafe (8)

Cat Cafe (7)

Read more about the London Cat Village here.


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8 Responses to A Visit to the London Cat Village

  1. shazza says:

    Aw I do love Cat Cafes. I have visited one in Paris and also another in London called Lady Dinah’s in bethnal Green.They are springing up everywhere. One quite near me ( Manchester) is opening soon.Cute Kitty on the toilet there. 😉


  2. disneywonderlandgazette says:

    This seems like the best place in the whole world!


  3. Tanja says:

    they are cute! I recently posted about a cat cafe in Nice, but I didn’t really cuddle the cats..:(


  4. Patricia says:

    Good to know there is a cat cafe in London too!


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