Review: ‘Poor Cow’

British director Ken Loach is probably best known for his second feature film, Kes (1969). Loach also directed the famous TV drama, Cathy Come Home (1966) staring Carol White. Less well known is his first film, Poor Cow (1967), also featuring White, and a young Terrance Stamp. Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: ‘Moulin Rouge!’ (2001)

Christian (Ewan McGregor) sings Your Song to Satine (Nicole Kidman). Continue reading

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Review: ‘The Here After’

As a theatrical film debut, writer/director Magnus von Horn has created a chilling Swedish drama in The Here After. We follow John (Ulrik Munther) as he leaves a juvenile offenders unit, where he has spent the past two years for an unknown crime. Although ready to continue with his life and education in the small town he grew up in, the residents are not so ready to forgive and forget his crime. Continue reading

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