First Trailer for Johnny Depp’s ‘Transcendence’ released online

The first trailer for Johnny Depp’s latest sci-fi thriller, Transcendence, has arrived online.

Depp plays Dr. Will Caster, a famous artificial intelligence researcher obsessed with creating a machine to download his mind onto after he is diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, as his motives become more blurred, anti-technology extremists and eventually his collaborators and those close to him begin to question the morality of his experiment.

A voiceover from Depp in the trailer explains; “The path to building super intelligence requires us to unlock the most fundamental secrets of the universe. Imagine a machine with a full range of human emotion. Its analytical power will be greater than the collective intelligence of every person in the history of the world. Some scientists refer to this as the singularity. I call it transcendence.”

Transcendence marks the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan’s long time cinematographer, Wally Pfister, who has worked with Nolan on many of his films including The Dark Knight trilogy. Pfister also earned the Best Cinematography Oscar at the 83rd Academy Awards in 2010 for Inception. It is understood that Nolan will be executive producer for the film. Transcendence will also star several British actors, including Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany and Cillian Murphy.

In addition to Transcendence, Depp is due to star in a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film and to reprise his role as the Mad Hatter in the sequel to Tim Burtons’ Alice in Wonderland, both due for release in 2016.

Transcendence is being distributed by Warner Bros. and is due to be released on 25th April 2014.

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