TV Location: ‘Sherlock’ (2010- )

Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Sherlock’

BBCs Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, has become a worldwide sensation since the first series aired in July 2010.

The show is mostly filmed in London and Cardiff, both on location and in a studio. The exterior filming of Sherlock and John’s shared flat is 187 North Gower Street, standing in for 221b Baker Street. This is also the location of Speedy’s Cafe, which can be seen in the TV series.

These photos were taken in December 2015. Notice how the Blue Plaque for Italian politician Giuseppe Mazzini is covered with a light for the show;


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4 Responses to TV Location: ‘Sherlock’ (2010- )

  1. cconifer says:

    i do love this show and have watched it all the way through several times. the locations they use are FANTASTIC !!! the wallpapers and stairs and hidden london warehouses, etc. just great!


  2. theswitz says:

    Is the sandwich shop actually open?
    If so, what’s the best sandwich there? Is the menu Sherlock themed at all? Five Orange Pips perhaps? Adventure of the Marzipan Stone?


    • It is a real cafe, but it isn’t Sherlock themed.
      I think they have earned a great deal of publicity and interest since the series began!
      Ha, what dish would ‘Adventure of the Marzipan Stone’ be?


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