Film Location: ‘A Room With A View’ (1985)

‘A Room With A View’ (1985)

A Room With A View (1985) is a British film based on the 1908 E.M. Forster novel. The story follows Lucy (Helena Bonham Carter) in Edwardian England, as she meets a variety of potential suitors, and travels to Italy with her cousin (Maggie Smith).

Part of the filming took place in the village of Chiddingstone in Kent, South East England. Below are some photos of Chiddingstone in 2017, and stills from the 1985 film.

The High Street, where Lucy and Cecil (Daniel Day-Lewis) take a walk after their engagement party;

The white building with vertical black beams, which currently serves as the village shop;

St Mary’s Church, where Lucy and Cecil stop to talk to the Reverend Mr. Beebe (Simon Callow);

All film images courtesy of Merchant Ivory Productions.


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6 Responses to Film Location: ‘A Room With A View’ (1985)

  1. Neat. I would do something like this, but the only things they film around here are Lifetime-y Christmas movies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I imagine there would be a lot of interest for film location photos of those ‘Lifetime style’ movies – those films are (interestingly) popular.


  2. srogouski says:

    Not really a great movie but a great comic turn by Daniel Day Lewis as a closeted snob.


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