My Most Read Piece: On Jenny from ‘Forrest Gump’ (1994)

I am always pleased to discover, when I look at my blog stats, that my opinion piece on the character of Jenny from Forrest Gump is consistently my most read piece. It was written on a whim upon re-watching Forrest Gump after not seeing it for several years, and discovering that many others who have seen the film think that Jenny is a terrible person.

I feel sadness for the character of Jenny, and for what she has gone through in her short life. I have often wondered if viewers would feel differently if the film was seen from Jenny’s point-of-view; would we be more sympathetic with her actions, and of her treatment towards Forrest?

I am very pleased that my most read blog piece concerns a female, and on International Women’s Day, I’m delighted to beable to share it again with my readers. The piece can be read here; Misunderstood Film Characters: Jenny from Forrest Gump. Please let me know your thoughts!

Happy International Women’s Day 2017!


About writingsuzanne

History graduate. Freelance writer and reviewer. Passionate about film, theatre and music (film soundtracks!).
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