Mary Tyler Moore And Her Trousers

Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore

I have been reading up on actress Mary Tyler Moore since her passing was announced several days ago. She appeared in The Dick Van Dyke show from 1961-1966, as the wife of Van Dyke’s lead character. She then had the lead role in her own sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, from 1970-1977.

I was intrigued to find out that Tyler Moore was the first women in a sitcom to wear trousers (or pants, if you’re American) on TV for The Dick Van Dyke Show. In fact, to avoid any potential ‘outrage’ from the viewers or sponsors, Tyler Moore was limited to one scene wearing trousers per episode!

Times have changed since the 1960s, thankfully, and aswell as changing the perception of females on television, Tyler Moore managed to look incredibly fashionable and elegant when she appeared on screen.

Mary Tyler Moore

(1936 – 2017)

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