Television Throwback: ‘The Murder Game’ (2003)

Back in 2003, the BBC broadcast a nine-episode reality series called The Murder Game.

There were 10,000 applications for the show, of which ten people were picked to take part. They had to solve the fictional murder of a single mother, with all the suspects being played by actors. The premise was based on the American reality show, Murder in Small Town X, which has a similar concept.

During each episode, the participants are put into groups to follow different lines of inquiry, and one becomes the team leader. They are given tasks which include observing, questioning suspects, and researching any leads which they have discovered. At the end of each episode, two of the participants play the ‘killers game’, after which only one returns. The suspects are slowly eliminated, and the prize for the last investigator standing is £25,000.

The first episode of The Murder Game follows the participants as they are introduced to each other, and spend time at a Police Training Centre to learn the techniques of being an investigator. They then jump straight into solving the murder.

I remember watching The Murder Game when it was originally broadcast, and being terrified by the killer’s game at the end of each episode! I was delighted to discover recently that the entire series has been uploaded to YouTube, and enjoyed watching it all over again after 14 years, having forgotten most of the show.

If anyone is looking for some new viewing in 2017, I highly recommend this forgotten series. The premise is original, and there is enough narrative to keep it intriguing throughout. If you haven’t already seen the show, following the suspects and trying to solve the murder is very interesting.

Watch the entire series of The Murder Game here. Jump to episode two for the beginning of the game. Avoid YouTube comments for spoilers!


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