Behind the Scenes: ‘Forrest Gump’ (1994)

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When a film becomes a classic, it’s always interesting to look at the process of making that film, as often little nuggets of trivia will pop up.

Warning: Spoilers are contained below!

The 1994 film Forrest Gump has many divided opinions (especially regarding the character of Jenny) and has lots of information on the making of this American classic. Also available from the film is footage of the actors rehearsing, including Forrest (Tom Hanks) and Jenny (Robin Wright) together, the child actors playing these roles (Michael Conner Humphreys & Hanna R. Hall), and Forrest Jr. (Haley Joel Osment) with Tom Hanks.

Whilst watching this footage, it is interesting to note how the character of Forrest has transitioned from preparation to filming, particularly in regards to his accent. Hanks actually based the accent of Forrest on how the actor playing young Forrest would speak.

One scene from the rehearsal footage that’s very similar to how it appears in the film is when Jenny tells Forrest that he has a son. The rehearsal of this scene can be viewed between two and four minutes in the above clip, and how it appears in the final film is shown below.


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