Why You Should Visit Abruzzo

Travellers will be aware of the mass tourism in certain parts of Italy. Venice and Rome are particularly busy areas, as the hustle and bustle of tourists fills the streets and attractions. However, Abruzzo in central Italy has yet to be hit by mass tourism, and is the perfect place for those of you less keen on the crowds to explore a beautiful spot in Italy.

Covering just over 4000 square miles and with a population of 1.3 million, Abruzzo is known as ‘the greenest region in Europe’, due to one third of its land containing national parks and protected nature reserves. Northern Abruzzo is only a two hour drive away from Rome, or accessible by train or from a flight into Abruzzo International Airport.

With a vast array of both sandy and pebble beaches, the hillsides of Abruzzo are rich in vineyards and olive groves. This makes Abruzzo an ideal spot for activity holidays involving cookery lessons.

Vidados currently offer a variety of holidays in Vasto, southern Abruzzo, where you can learn how to cook Italian and enhance your knowledge of wine. You can currently pick between learning how to cook with fish, make extra virgin olive oil, make passata, cook risotto with truffles (which you have picked yourself!) or make traditional gelato. No doubt you will learn a great deal, and beable to take these skills home to impress with.

In Abruzzo, you can have your fill of deep-rooted Italian culture from the variety of museums, cathedrals and Roman history on offer, aswell as being able to view the beautiful Italian architecture of the buildings.

In 2009, Abruzzo suffered after an earthquake hit the capital, L’Aquila, and the surrounding villages. Sadly, a lot of damage was caused, but this hasn’t hindered what Abruzzo has to offer. With a wide variety of art and culture, green space, popular Italian cuisine and the many beautiful villages around, Abruzzo will give you a real taste of Italy.

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  1. kakingsbury says:

    Abruzzo is number 1 in my must visit places! Thanks for following my blog All Thing Kalen.


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