The Last Time


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The last time I saw her, I was on the tram. Sitting alone, I was staring out of the window, watching the world pass before me. Suddenly, she was there; my Lara. Walking along the road, she was oblivious to everything it seemed. I tried to get her attention, but I failed. I stepped off the tram as soon as I could, but she was walking too fast and I couldn’t keep up. I reached out my arm, about to call her name, but it was too late. She was gone. That was the last time.

“Wouldn’t it have been lovely if we’d met before?”

(Inspired by Doctor Zhivago, 1965)

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History graduate. Freelance writer and reviewer. Passionate about film, theatre and music (film soundtracks!).
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3 Responses to The Last Time

  1. ksbeth says:

    one of my all time favorite scenes in any film.


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