Music Review: ‘Elliptical’


Here is an area I don’t often wonder into with my writing – music. Despite being passionate about music, I don’t write about it often because A) perhaps I am embarrassed to write about the musicians I actually like, and B) it isn’t often that I find a new band whose music I really enjoy. Finally, I have found a new and upcoming band that I want to talk about; Elliptical.

Elliptical are an alternative rock band based in Kent, comprised of members Luke Mazlyn, Lewis Murray, Greg Hummell and Dan Stephens. Despite only forming in 2014, they already show immense talent in their six-track debut EP, released earlier this year.

When listening to the tracks, I can certainly hear the influence of Radiohead and Nirvana in the guitar and the raspy vocals. I can also hear a touch of The Smiths too. Elliptical are a band I want to be jumping along to at an alternative grunge club in the 90s – long greasy hair and converse are optional. That’s not to say that Elliptical don’t fit in with the time, their music could easily stand alongside some of the current rock bands in the mainstream.

Roll The Dice is my favourite of the six tracks, but each song is brilliant in its own way. Their most popular track, Collapse Into The Wrong, has a slightly psychedelic feel to it, as does They’re Killing Us.

Elliptical are defiantly the band to watch, and these tracks need to be heard by fans of rock and grunge. I highly recommend that you check out Elliptical.

Listen to Elliptical on SoundCloud.

Keep updated with Elliptical on Facebook.


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