A Pear

A Six Word Story.

A pear tastes like true love.

(Inspired by City of Angels, 1998)

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7 Responses to A Pear

  1. Paul S says:

    Wow, that’s agile and succinct use of language, hats off to you.

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  2. theswitz says:

    My grandparents had a pear tree in their backyard. It was a nice bit of shade in the summer, but always left surprises as we would run barefoot through the grass as children. The shock of stepping on an over-ripe, smooshy pear on the ground, or the pain of landing your foot on a rock hard one. Still, when I think of pears, I think of that tree and my grandparent’s house, and so I suppose I think of true love.
    You know, I’ve never actually eaten a pear.

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    • That’s very sweet – thanks for sharing. So, you never tried any of the pears from your grandparents garden? At least you have something new to try, at some point 🙂


      • theswitz says:

        Thanks for sparking the memory.
        At the time I was too short to reach the edible ones! I think my grandmother made pear jelly from the good ones. Sadly now, the tree is gone and so are they, but memories of both live on

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  3. Love the pear scene from City of Angels and probably think about it at least a little every time I enjoy a pear. “… like sugary sand …”

    I’ve linked to this post on my latest recipe on my blog (pears of course).


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