Steven Spielberg’s ‘The BFG’ gets UK release date

The upcoming version of The BFG to be directed by Steven Spielberg has been given a UK release date of 22nd July 2016, from international distributor eOne.

The US release of The BFG is at a slightly earlier date of 1st July 2016.

The BFG tells the story of Sophie and the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) she teams up with to help stop the evil giants who are kidnapping humans to eat.

The famous children’s book, written by Roald Dahl, is currently the second project lined up for Spielberg, who is currently filming an as-yet untitled cold war thriller, starring Tom Hanks, with a script from Joel and Ethan Coen.

Spielberg is also rumoured to be working on a fifth Indiana Jones film. However, with Harrison Ford currently focused on his commitments with Star Wars, this has pushed back any opportunity of seeing Indiana Jones on our cinema screens anytime soon.

The screenplay for The BFG is set to be penned by Melissa Mathison, who wrote the script for a previous Spielberg classic, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall are set to produce the film, whilst Marshall’s wife Kathleen Kennedy is set to be executive producer. The trio will release the film through their production company, Amblin Entertainment, alongside DreamWorks Studios.

No actors for the film have been announced.

Since the publication of The BFG in 1982, it has sold over 200 million books worldwide, and 2016 will mark 100 years since Roald Dahl’s birth.

On the announcement of the UK release date, Spielberg released the following statement; “It is fitting that the U.K. is the first international country to announce the date of The BFG, a story that sprang from the imagination of this proud son from Wales. We at DreamWorks Studios hope our film will add to Roald Dahl’s prolific legacy of entertainment.”

The BFG will be released on 22nd July 2016 in the UK.

Update 28/10/14: It has been announced that Mark Rylance will play the title character in The BFG.

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