Monty Python Live, at a cinema near you

Since the announcement that our favourite surreal comedians, the Monty Python team, are reuniting for a 10 night run at London’s O2 arena in July, there has been a mass scramble for tickets.

When the first show for Monty Python Live (mostly) went on sale, tickets sold out in 43.5 seconds. Another 9 dates were quickly added, but most tickets also went very quickly.

If you didn’t manage to get any tickets, fear not, as the last Python reunion show will be broadcast across 450 cinemas in the UK and 1500 cinema across the world on 20th July 2014.

Picturehouse Entertainment have secured the distribution rights for the live show, and their head of commercial development, Marc Allenby, has said; “Picturehouse Entertainment continue to push the boundaries of live cinema broadcasts in what is set to be one of the biggest and certainly funniest events of the year.”

The surviving Python members – John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin – last performed together in 1998 for a TV special titled Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Live at Aspen.

The last time all six Pythons, including Graham Chapman who died in 1989, performed together was at the Hollywood Bowl in LA in 1980.

Since the news that their last show will be broadcast at cinemas, the Pythons have said; “Thanks to the wonderful invention of moving pictures, The Last Night of Monty Python is coming to a cinema near you…Join the crowd live from London’s O2 in a final weepy, hilarious, uproarious, outrageous farewell to the five remaining Pythons as they head for The Old Jokes Home – on the big screen, in HD.”

The team have said recently that this will be the last time the Pythons perform together, and that they have decided to do the shows now before it’s too late!

Monty Python will be performing together at the O2 arena from 1st – 5th July and 15th – 20th July 2014. Cinema tickets are available for the last performance on Sunday 20th July 2014.

Update 19/07/14: Monty Python Live will be broadcast on the channel Gold (Sky 110, Virgin 126, Top-Up TV 26, BT 855) on Sunday 20th July 2014 from 7.30pm.

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