The Benefits of Walking

Sometimes when it comes to exercise, there can be too much information to take in. Whether it is about what type of exercise is best for you, how long you should spend a day taking part or where the best deal for your money is in regards to gym or class membership. However, sometimes it is best to take a step back from all the options available, and start at the basics with a good walk.

I would much prefer a stroll around the countryside or a brisk walk around my local community instead of going to the gym. There are many benefits to walking, health and otherwise, and include the following;

Saving money

If you don’t want to spend any money, walking is the perfect exercise to do – it’s free! Apart from buying walking shoes if you are covering rough surfaces, you can just get up, put on your trainers or wellies, and leave the house and exercise for free!

Great for your back and posture

A good stroll does wonders for your back and posture – if you have back pain or bad posture from sitting at a desk or being hunched over a computer all week, walking releases the chemicals serotonin and endorphin, which improve your mental and physical well-being. This can help ease any issues you have, and walking will calm any muscle strain you may have in your back and lower body. A perfect treatment without needing to visit the doctors!

Losing weight

Even if you are just taking a walk up to the local high street, walking can do wonders for your body as you literally walk of the calories. Your legs will also become more toned by all of the movement they are getting. Perhaps if you are on the bus somewhere, try getting off one stop earlier – the extra few minutes’ walk will add up and your body will love you for it!

Beautiful sights

Even if you don’t live anywhere near the countryside, there are some beautiful sites to take in on a stroll around a city. Wherever you walk, be sure to take in the beautiful surroundings around you and enjoy the view. You could perhaps do the same route a few times at different times in the day, and take a photo from the same spot each time to see how they all compare. You can also take someone with you to share in the scenery – you can exercise and be sociable at the same time!

A good start to an exercise regime

If you plan to start a more strict exercise routine but don’t want to start off too heavy and risk injuring yourself, walking is the perfect way to ease yourself into running or any other form of exercise you may take up. If you decide to alter your exercise pattern to include more than just walking, you can always come back to having a good old stroll or jog if you ever feel like it, or you can keep it going aswell as visiting the gym or attending a class – just be careful not to over-do it!

Of course, you can always move onto more vigorous exercise or alter your walking pattern to travel further or on harder terrain once you have begun a walking regime. But the thing to remember is to enjoy yourself, and at the same time, it will do wonders for your body.

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